Why go Aboriginal for your Darwin tours?

Posted By: gregb on Mar 06, 2013 in Indigenous Tourism
Why go Aboriginal for your Darwin tours?

You’re travelling a long way to come to the Northern Territory. You may not be back. You want to make the most of your trip.

If you want the real story, nothing beats having Aboriginal guides share the story of their country with you.

To us, this is the only way to experience authentic outback travel in Australia.

Many tour guides are new to the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has a transient population. Many people arrive here from other parts of Australia and the world seeking opportunity and adventure.

Since there is often a shortage of tour guides in the Northern Territory, some of these visitors get jobs as guides or drivers.

They learn how to entertain passengers from other guides and drivers, or from books or the internet. Some people call their stories ‘bus driver dreaming’.

Learn the real story

By contrast, Aboriginal people have lived in what is now the Northern Territory for countless generations.

We are not passing through.

We were born here and most will live our entire lives in the Northern Territory. Our ancestors created the land and its features, and taught Aboriginal people the proper ways to live on their country. We are intrinsically linked with the land, spiritually and physically. Relying on the land for resources, we have a deep and detailed understanding of the animals and plants, water, rocks and natural processes of the region.

We have managed the land for millennia to make it easy to harvest its bounty. We are resource management experts.

You can benefit from this knowledge as a guest on a Darwin tour with an Aboriginal company such as Northern Territory Indigenous Tours.

Not only will you get the real story — a story from the heart that might just change the way you see things — you’ll laugh and have fun with your Aboriginal guide.

Furthermore, you’ll be providing opportunities for young Aboriginal people to gain employment and skills, raise their self-esteem and become successful members of modern society, contributing knowledge about which they are experts.

Northern Territory Indigenous Tours would be honoured to help you discover the real Australia. You can click here to book your Darwin tour now.

Even if you don’t travel with us, we encourage you to seek out and travel with Aboriginal people who can tap you in to the real ‘dreaming’.


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  • Tammy George May 17, 2013 

    Hello Tess , thanks for the great time we had with you at the Finniss river. Remember the two non indigenous fishermen that you allowed to fish in the river, but they never caught anything , you had your picture taken with them by the professional photographer, and you were generous enough to teach me things and gave me bait , with which I caught a fish .
    Well we are having happy hour and an argument has errupted over the colour of your vehicle that you were driving that day, was it silver or white ? We would very much like you to settle this friendly dispute between men and women in our group and confirm that it was white . Many thanks your fans forever , Greg , Tammy , Barry and Judy. xo

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