Frequently Asked Questions

  When is the best time to do the tour?

Different times of year each have their own charms. The dry season (about May to September) is usually more comfortable for visitors due to lower humidity levels and cooler nights. More places are accessible from May to December, as seasonal flooding closes some roads and tracks from January to April. Despite this though, our tropical summer is a wonderful time to visit as waterfalls are in full flow, everything is alive and lush and green, and there are far fewer other visitors.

  What will the weather be like?

The average maximum temperature in the Darwin area is 32°C (90°F), and the average minimum is 23°C (74°F). Temperatures rarely vary more than a few degrees from these averages. Rainfall around Darwin is highly seasonal: rain is rare between May and September and an average of 1700 mm (70″) falls on Darwin between October and April, mostly in monsoon periods from late December to March. It is very humid from October to April and drier from May to September. At all times of the year you should drink plenty of water.

  How many people do you take on a tour?

We take between 2 and 7 in our luxury GXL200 Toyota Landcruiser, however we sometimes charter buses for larger groups.

  Do you pick up from private addresses?

We pick up and drop off from any accommodation in Darwin or Batchelor, including private addresses. All part of our excellent service!

  How far in advance should I book?

The earlier you book the more chance you have of being able to book your preferred date. It is, however, often possible to make a last minute booking.

  Do you have seasonal prices?

Our prices are normally set for the 12 months from 1 April, however we sometimes offer last minute specials.

  If I miss the pick-up can I get a refund?

No. Because we offer very small-group tours with limited seats, our cancellation policy does not provide for refunds for guest cancellations later than a week before travel. We advise guests to take out travel insurance that covers late guest cancellations and missed pick-ups.

  Is alcohol allowed or provided on the tour?

We do not provide alcohol on our tours but we do not prohibit guests from bringing their own.

  Are any admission charges covered in the tour price or is this extra?

All park entry fees, helicopter, boat cruise and meal costs (where applicable) are included in the day tour and multi-day tour prices but, except for lunch, they are extra for private charters.

  What level of fitness or mobility do I need?

The tours are very flexible and can cater for a range of fitness levels. Most attractions are a short and easy walk from the vehicle.

  What if English is my second language?

Our guides generally speak a number of Aboriginal languages as well as English, but do not speak other European or Asian languages. Being multilingual ourselves, however, we understand the needs of other multilingual people and tailor English to make it easy for visitors to understand.

  Is it safe to swim?

There is nowhere in the world that is absolutely safe for swimming (some people drown in swimming pools). We do not recommend visitors without local knowledge swim anywhere in the Top End due to risks such as crocodiles, box-jellyfish, strong currents and submerged rocks. Our local knowledge, however, can lead you to swimming spots that are free of crocodiles and as safe as can be.

  What should I wear?

Light clothing, footwear that is suitable for short walks and is easy to take on and off, a hat and sunscreen.

  What is the maximum number on the tour?

We take very small-group tours with a maximum of 7 passengers for a personal, intimate experience. We occasionally arrange charters for larger groups.

  How do I book a tour?

Click on the Book Now buttons.

  How much driving is involved in the day tours?

Our day tours involve about 250-350 km of driving. Some of the roads are quite rough but we use a rugged, luxury four-wheel drive GXL200 LandCruisers for comfort and safety.

  I am checking out that morning – can I bring my luggage?

Space in our vehicles is limited but we can carry some luggage if there are four or fewer passengers. We cannot guarantee this though unless you book a private charter.

  Can I be dropped off / picked up at the airport?

Yes (but see above in relation to luggage).

  Will there be regular toilet stops?


  What facilities are available where we are going?

The areas we visit are remote, but we will pass interpretation signage, toilets and occasional kiosks. We are, however, quite self-sufficient, carrying plenty of cool water and food.

  Why does the tour cost more than other tours to the same places?

We take very small group, personalised tours and so do not have the economies of scale of bigger companies. We use rugged and expensive luxury four-wheel drive vehicles, provide lavish lunches of high-quality local game meats, visit exclusive places on our own private land, and train and employ specialised Aboriginal guides.

  Is there mobile phone coverage where we are going?

Only for part of the way. Our vehicles are fitted with satellite phones with coverage everywhere, as well as UHF radios, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and vehicle recovery kits in case of emergency.

  Should I have travel insurance?

Although we take our duty of care very seriously, we always recommend visitors take out travel insurance in case of unforeseen events.

  Will we see any wildlife?

Much of the wildlife in the Northern Territory is crepuscular. This means that animals are active in the very early morning and late afternoon, but during the middle of the day they escape the heat by resting in the shade, out of the way of predators and, unfortunately, visitors. Nevertheless we are likely to see a great many birds, and some mammals (such as wallabies), reptiles and fish.

  Do you cater for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs, seafood allergies, kosher, halal?

Our sumptuous lunches consist of local game meats (wild-caught barramundi, crocodile and kangaroo) as well as salads, damper or bread, savoury biscuits, Tasmanian cheeses and dips, and fruit in season. We believe this selection will ensure that all these groups will be able to experience at least some of our local delicacies.

  Is the tour suitable for children?

The tour is highly suitable for children over three years old and will provide them with an exceptional learning experience. In order to encourage families to take up this educational opportunity, children 12 and under can do the tour for half price.

  Do you have senior citizen’s discount


  What sort of cultural interaction can I expect?

You will have extensive, personal interaction with your Aboriginal guide, and opportunities for in-depth discussion about a wide range of issues. You may meet some of the guide’s extended family along the way but this is opportunistic and not guaranteed.

  What if the tour does not meet my expectations – can I get a refund?

Yes. We believe that the tour will exceed your expectations. The tour content is clearly explained in our promotional material and will be provided unless circumstances beyond our control (such as roads closed due to flooding) intervene. In this case the guide will endeavour to provide suitable alternative content. If, however, you feel that the tour was less than what we led you to believe it would be, please call our office on 1300 92 11 88 and ask for a refund.






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