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29 November 2012
Hi Tess,
My kids (Bianca, Mark & Alex) and I took a tour with you to Litchfield in July this year. After 16 days in NT this was their favourite experience and they still talk about it today. Thank you for the very unique experience.
Kindest Regards,
Maria Rougos
Maria Rougos – from New South Wales

28 November 2012
Dear Tess,
Well, dear Tess….the Sproule mob find themselves back in NSW, and back to reality. Though a week of holidaying/touring followed our tour with you, we all wanted you to know what a strong mark and impression you have made on us all. We are truly inspired by your love of your country, your people, and your positive attitude toward your future involving both. Both David and myself came seeking honest local knowledge from the best possible source…and you provided in abundance. Travelling with a teenage boy can be a challenging holiday, but as far as Hamish is concerned, you have both educated and inspired him, fulfilling exactly what we hoped we would all gain out of your tour experience. He started quietly on the day I know, but your personality and insight really drew him out and he has talked of nothing since lol!! As parents, we see this as a huge success……we are also very glad he flicked the leech out the window before he told you about it lol!!
Tess, our lasting memories will be of your magnificent country, your knowledge of it, your passion for what you do, and your passion for the future of your family. Your enthusiasm for the ongoing future of your mob has truly inspired us all and we sincerely wish you well, a) in getting help with NTI Tours so that it may continue, and b) in the grand plans you have to further the future of your people and your childrens place in their mob, culture and greater Australian society.
On a personal note, having the opportunity to chat with you one-on-one,(while that mad mob were climbing over the falls!! Lol) was indeed the highlight of my personal journey through the Northern Territory. What we discussed as women, and as fellow Australians, from my side, was honest, genuine and thought-provoking. I enjoyed conversing with you, at both levels….and hope you dont find my comments simple or patronising, as they’re intention could not be further from the truth. As I told you on our day together, to me, your culture is rich, fascinating, learned, and I think all “anglo-australians” and/or “southerners” would do well to experience it. In answer to your blunt honesty on the day….i don’t find your culture ’embarrassing’….I find it inspiring. Those in ignorance with generations of loud mouths would do well to come to your country and learn.
Tess, you have big ambitions, i dont expect to find you fronting NTI tours next time we are in the Territory, but my wish is as yours….that you can find someone in your mob who is even half as enthused as you are, and wishes to share that, and better themselves and their opportunities in the process.
You very candidly said to me during our one-on-one time on our day, that you try not to get attached to folk….perfectly understandable in the day tour business. But from the Sproule mob perspective, know this. You have inspired each of us on a different level. David has increased his love for his country, its indigenous people and only wants to learn more and more. Young Hamish is inspired, he adored your honesty, sense of humour, and concerted effort to make sure he was “off the ipod” and into “the country”. For this, David and I cannot thank you enough. We saw Kakadu, Katherine etc etc, but your influence has been by far most powerful.
And from myself, Tess, I wish you well. With your dream to play an active role within your mob, to help people dear to you find the same structure, motivation, passion…..for themselves, their families and the bigger indigenous picture…and to help more ignorant Australians, like we city types, see the bigger scheme of things. Your energy will take your dreams far….of that I am sure.
I wandered into the Northern Territory very grateful for my open mind in regard to my country and my people. Thankyou Tess for reinforcing that optomistic belief. We hope, should we return sometime soon, to take you up on that offer of camping lol, or even just touring with you again….it would be a priviledge and a pleasure. You will receive every possible recommendation from us, to all within our reach. Please feel free to add this email to anything that will help publicise your wonderful business.
With much love and sincere thanks,
David, Meredith and Hamish Sproule :-)
David & Meredith Sproule – from New South Wales

26 November 2012
Heard that our guests had a really enjoyable day yesterday. I will be sure to put a post on your facebook page from us with thanks.
Kate McFarlane – from Airborne Solutions

20 November 2012
Hello Carlee
I just wanted to send a quick note to say again how much I enjoyed the day at Litchfield.
I also wanted to send these pictures – one of you (sorry if I spell your name wrong) near a termite mound and one of that weird plant we saw – seems like it might be a Tacca leontopetaloides – Arrowroot!
It was nice to go round with someone who was so interested in the plants and so knowledgeable.
Thanks again
Judith Burton – from Queensland

30 October 2012
Dear Tess,
Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. Coming back home and going back to work and family commitments have taken most of my time.
I also wasn’t sure how to send the photos to you. I tried to send some photos once before and it wouldn’t do it because the photos were too big. My youngest daughter’s husband Phil is a computer buff and I had to wait for him to come over and help me. There were days I’d see Phil and after he left I would remember I had to ask him about the photos. Finally though we connected and the photos are done. I do hope you like them.
I hope this email finds you and your family well and happy. If ever you are down our way the offer will always stand to stay with us. Your are welcome anytime. We had a lovely time with you in Darwin and will always have fond memories of the trip and especially meeting you.
Take care and love from Mary & Denis xxx
Mary & Denis Weston – from New South Wales

8 October 2012
Hi Tess,
Thank you very much for the wonderful wildlife tour you organized for me and my little boys. Max is going back to school today and I am sure he has got plenty of stories to share about the jumping crocodiles and all the animals he saw at the Zoo. It was fantastic to be able to learn about different bush tuckers and their amazing values from you also.
Ada Sin
Ada Sin – from Hong Kong

4 October 2012
Hi Tess
Maria and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour with you on the 25th. You made our day and stay in Darwin and was a real highlight of our time in Australia.
Hope all goes well with you in the future.
Bob and Maria Phelps
Bob & Maria Phelps – from Australia

9 September 2012
Hi Tess
Just a brief note to say a very special “thanks” for a great and incredibly informative day. I learnt so much. What’s more, the food was great! You will have probably noticed, considering my size, I’ve enjoyed a meal or two during my life, so I do recognise quality when I taste it.
One thing I meant to mention to you before we parted company was, that while sitting in the far back seats, I did have some difficulty hearing. There’s no doubt this is to a great extent due to my age, however, if was practical to rectify this in some manner it would be perfect.
Once again, thanks for a wonderful day. Best wishes for the future.
Regards, Tony Hicks
Tony Hicks – from Australia

6 September 2012
Hi Tess,
We’re back in the States now and just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful tour of Litchfield National Park. My favorite moment of our entire two week trip to Australia was sitting in the magical warm water of your special spot, on soft sand, looking up at the waterfall. I wish I could have sat there for two days to make all my cares vanish, as you told us the elders advise. They are right!
Wishing you every success, Tess! You earn it every day. Come visit anytime.
Nina Natelson and Murry Cohen
Nina Natelson – from Virginia USA

24 August 2012
Hi Tess
Thanks again for an extraordinary day on Monday – I will get onto Trip Advisor over the weekend and write a review. You are one amazing lady and I look forward to hearing about what you decide will be your next challenge!
Best wishes and thanks
Margaret Grant – from Canberra

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