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22 September 2010
Dear Tess
Hope you are well and having fun up there in Darwin! Just wanted to drop you a quick email and say thanks for the great tour out to Litchfield! It was great to see Litchfield from another point of view (having been there a few times when I used to live in Darwin) and visit areas that I hadn’t seen before i.e. Woolaning Springs. I found the bushtucker information very interesting and trying it too, although I still can’t quite get your taste of red “chocolate” termite mounds!!!
Thanks once again and see you at the NT Muster in VIC if you come along again!
Amanda – from

27 August 2010
Hi Tess
its Helen and Olivia from England we are back home (to rain !!!) but just wanted to say a big “thank you” for the great trip you gave us, we think it was the best experience of our whole holiday. You were a wealth of information, warm hearted and amusing and we had a fantastic day. Thank you again, I hope your trips go from strength to strength.
Best wishes
Helen and Olivia – from

23 August 2010
Hello Tess –
It was a great day with you, we all agreed on that, and I am feeling quite a few more questions coming up. Today it’s THANK YOU once again, but I would like to keep in touch with you.
Doris, Dieter, Egbert and Elizabeth :) – from

22 August 2010
I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking me on your tour of Litchfield National Park on Monday. It was such a special day. And thank you too for the hand-outs; they are really helpful for remembering some of what I learnt. I won’t need any help, though, with remembering our first stop – watching Tess take off into the bush with a pair of tongs …
Fenella – from

21 August 2010
Hi, Tess
We would like to thank you and Colin so much for a fantastic day last Friday (the 13th), going with you to Woolaning Spring, the Litchfield falls and the Wildlife Park. It was certainly the highlight of our trip up north. We’re grateful for your generosity about our ignorance about indigenous culture – if we can’t display our ignorance and ask questions, we will never learn. We feel we came home with a tiny bit of knowledge about your culture but, more importantly, we came home with a huge amount of respect for it. We really enfoyed the company of both you and Colin, and appreciated greatly your sharing your knowledge with us.
We hope to make it up to the Top End again sometime, and will look you up! Thanks again, Tess & Colin
Mary and Susan – from

20 August 2010
Hi Tess,
Hope you’re well.
Just wanted to let you know that I have a story on Litchfield National Park appearing in News Lts’s Sunday Telegraph Escape section this Sunday, as a result of my trip with you in June. It will also be appearing in other states, but not sure which ones yet.
Thanks again for an enjoyable trip.
Briar – from

20 August 2010
Hi Tess, I hope all is going well in beautiful Darwin!
I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful trip to Litchfield National Park. You are one amazing guide (and a lot of fun) as well as quite the chef – I certainly wasn’t expecting my delicious lunch to be topped off with cherries and chocolate dipping sauce – nice touch!
Thanks again for a wonderful day and best of luck with everything.
Kristi – from

19 August 2010
Dear Tess,
I am home in cold Victoria now. I just wanted to thank you for the great day Geoff and I spent with you. The tour was excellent. I learnt so much about the Top End and your culture. For this I am very grateful. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, I feel very fortunate to have shared time with you. Wishing you all the best in your future ventures and I certainly hope you will continue with your tour work. You are able to touch so many people through your work.
Warm wishes
Maureen – from

14 August 2010
Dear Tess
It’s a few weeks since Alan & I spent a wonderful day as your guests on your tour. That day stands out as the highlight of our Top End holiday. We have been telling our friends & family about how privileged we were to spend the day with you. I hope you are making time to renew yourself and not burn-out.
Our very best wishes
Alan & Darlene – from

12 August 2010
I thought I would tell you how much, Denise and myself enjoyed our day trip with you.
From the moment you picked us up at Moonshadow villas, you made us feel very special and relaxed, something that a large tour operator is missing. Your wonderful knowledge of the places you took us to where amazing, and the fantastic lunch you cooked us on your land in an amazing surrounding, uncluttered with tourists. When you spoke about the land, it was as though you were talking about somebody you loved, we felt the passion you have for your home and the stories you told.
I will be telling others about your tour, and one day we might just come back to visit you again.
Jim & Den – from

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