Litchfield National Park

Around 70 kms south of Darwin, Litchfield National Park was declared in 1986 to conserve and manage the pristine Tabletop Range and its surrounding lowlands. The park is about 1500 sq km and was named for Fred Litchfield, an early British explorer of the region.

Swimming at Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park

Waterfalls and more …

Litchfield National Park is famous for its iconic waterfalls: Wangi, Florence and Tolmer, and its clear, natural, croc-free swimming pools. But there is so much more. Stunning, easily accessible stone country, sweeping views over extensive lowlands, and lovely drives and walks through a wide variety of habitat and vegetation types, along pretty creek lines and over open plateau country. Litchfield National Park is an inspirational place to visit for lovers of nature.

Enjoying a refreshing swim at Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park

Tabletop Range

The Tabletop Range is formed of ancient sandstone, which has weathered and eroded for millenia to form deep gorges that protect ancient rainforest, into which spring waters flow over myriad waterfalls. The diversity of habitats formed provide for a wide range of flora and fauna. Some of it, such as the blue cycad, Cycas calcicola, is endemic to the park and close surrounds.

Aboriginal guide Tess Atie with visitors at Tolmer Falls in Litchfield National Park

Aboriginal culture

Litchfield National Park lies between the Finniss and Daly Rivers, the traditional lands of, among others, Marrathiel, Marranunggu, Werat, Warray and Koongurrukun peoples. The features of the Tabletop Range are intrinsically linked to the spiritual lives and beliefs of our peoples, who maintain our long and continuing culture. The area is particularly rich in resources useful to our people, allowing a relatively large population to lead rich and satisfying lives in the area.

Smokey magnetic termite mounds in Litchfield National Park


Litchfield National Park is relatively compact and close, with good roads, making it an ideal destination for a highly satisfying day trip from the visitor hub of Darwin.

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